Seller Services

How It Works

Working with Plan To Sell My Business is easy and very time efficient:

  1. Contact PTSMB today!
  2. Pay a one-time only fee of $495. Checks and most major credit cards are accepted. Click here for more information and to order.
  3. Schedule Your LIVE Webinar. Webinars are offered multiple times each month, and at various times throughout the day. We know business owners have hectic schedules, and that time is precious. We make it easy to participate when convenient for you.
  4. After your webinar, you will be allocated an additional one hour of one-on-one consultation time, to be used in 4 blocks of 15 minutes each, and good up to one year after your registration is complete. One-on-one consultation time can be scheduled via email or by phone, and requests will be typically honored within 3 business days. For these consultations, YOUR specific questions and issues relating to either preparing your business for sale, or the actual sale process, will be addressed.
  5. Sell your business the RIGHT way for the RIGHT price!

Retire From Your Business In Style!!

In today’s busy world, business owners can spend countless hours researching topics related to the preparation and process of selling your small business. The internet is free, but who can discern the real information from the false? Consultants are spendy. Business Brokers are even more expensive, and how do you know if they will be successful? Navigating all of these aspects can be exhausting, and one wrong decision can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in both spent money, lost time and lost opportunity.

Plan To Sell My Business alleviates this headache by offering business owners a LIVE educational webinar for an affordable, one-time cost. We help business owners plan to sell their business. The webinar covers a wide range of topics related to the preparation and sale of your blood, sweat and tears…your business!

The webinar is hosted by an experienced business professional and is tailored to YOUR BUSINESS. Webinars cover every aspect of the entire sales process, including:

  • When Should I Sell?
  • How Do I Value My Business?
  • How Do I Confidentially Market My Business?
  • What Do Buyers Look For In a Small Business?
  • The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Business With and Without a Business Broker.
  • Can I Get All Cash For My Business?
  • Tips To Ensure I Maximize Value At Sale.
  • AND Much, Much More.

In addition to the webinar, you will also receive one hour of direct, one-on-one, live consultation time with our office, to help answer any questions or address issues that may arrive during the sales process. This could be invaluable advice that helps you exit your business at the right time for the right price.

All of this offered to business owners at one low price: $495 gets you the webinar, the one-on-one consultation time; a year subscription to our quarterly newsletter and the piece of mind of knowing that you have the information needed to maximize the value of your business upon sale. You can’t afford not to give us a call at 651-209-0383 or email us at! Click here for more information and to order.

We look forward to hearing from you.