Full Service package — $495

Our most comprehensive and best value offering!

The Full Service Package includes 3 components – Live training and Additional Consultation.

  1. 3 hours of LIVE training on a wide array of topics pertaining to Selling Your Business.

    The training will be broken into (2) 90 minute webinars, scheduled within 5 working days from each other. The training will cover every aspect of selling your business….from the work to do before you hit the market, to the closing table when you cash out of your business for the right price, and everything in between. We tackle over a dozen different subject matters in the sale process with detailed examples and no -nonsense, clear explanations of what your action items should be to effectively market and sell your business.

    Sample topics include:

    • When Should I Sell?
    • How Do I Value My Business?
    • How Do I Confidentially Market My Business?
    • What Do Buyers Look For In a Small Business?
    • The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Business With and Without a Business Broker.
    • Can I Get All Cash For My Business?
    • Tips To Ensure I Maximize Value At Sale.
    • AND Much, Much More.
  2. 1 hour of additional consulting time.

    This additional consulting time can be used AT ANY TIME within 1 year of the initial training. We realize that as you journey down the path of selling your business, situations will arise that you may need additional assistance in working through. Our team will give you an additional 1 hour of training time, to be used when you want and to cover the subject you want! Whether is be negotiating a final purchase agreement; coordinating due diligence; or allocating the purchase price for tax purposes, you have an opportunity to reach out and get ANSWERS! Consulting time will be broken up into (4) 15 minute intervals. This alone is $200 value!

    In addition, with your paid order, you will receive the book Selling Your Business For Dummies, co-written by Sunbelt Business Brokers, the largest seller of privately held companies in the World.