Business Buyer Basics — $495

Business Buyer Basics — $495

Signing up for Business Buyer Basics is easy and very time efficient:

  1. Contact PTSMB today
  2. Pay a one-time only fee of $495. Checks and most major credit cards are accepted. Click here for more information and to order.
  3. PTSMB will contact you to schedule Your LIVE Webinar or Training Session. Webinars and sessions are offered multiple times each month, and at various times throughout the day. We know business owners have hectic schedules, and that time is precious. We make it easy to participate when convenient for you.
  4. Don’t make COSTLY mistakes. Enroll in Business Buyer Basics today and learn the RIGHT way to buy a business for the RIGHT price!

Make a Mistake Buying a Business and it Could Cost You Dearly!!

In today’s busy world, business buyers can spend countless hours researching topics related to the steps in the business buying process. The internet is free, but who can discern the real information from the false? Attorneys and consultants are spendy. Business Brokers work for the sellers. So will advocate for you, the business buyer?? After all, one wrong decision can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and even lead to you purchasing THE WRONG BUSINESS.

PTSMB’s Business Buyer Basics alleviates these potential headaches by offering buyers a LIVE educational seminar for an affordable, one-time cost. We help business buyers understand a wide range of topics related to purchasing a new or existing business.

The training is hosted by an experienced business professional and is dedicated to business buyers. Trainings cover every aspect of the entire buying process, including:

  • Where to Look for Good Businesses to Buy
  • How To Buy a Business Directly From the Seller (For Sale by Owner)
  • Identifying Your Goals
  • Identify Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses for Owning a Business
  • Choose the RIGHT Business for You
  • Reading and Re-casting business financial documents
  • Valuation: How to Determine a Businesses’ Selling Value
  • Write a Strong Offer (For You) that the Seller Will Accept
  • Negotiation and Compromise
  • Buyer Financing Options
  • Learn How to Research the Business You are Purchasing (Due Diligence)
  • Writing a Business Plan & Cash Flow Forecast for the New Business
  • Save Money on Professional Services (Accountants & Attorneys)
  • Understanding Leases and Negotiating the Best Deal
  • Elements for a Smooth Closing
  • What’s Critical Post Closing
  • And Much More…

In addition to the webinar, you will also receive 3 months of Advanced Business Alerts from Sunbelt Business Brokers! .With over tens of thousands of potential business buyers in Sunbelt’ buyer database, competition for listings can be fierce. With your paid training, you will receive Sunbelt’s Business Alert, which showcases all their NEW business for sale listings DAYS before it is released to the buyer database.

All of this offered to business buyers at one low price: $495 gets you the webinar with valuable information you need to successfully buy a business and a 3 month subscription to Sunbelt’s Advanced Business Alert highlighting new businesses for sale BEFORE release to the general public. A small price to pay for the piece of mind!

You can’t afford not to give us a call at 651-209-0383 or email us at! Click here for more information and to order We look forward to hearing from you.