Broker’s Estimate of Price — $1,500

An in-depth analysis of the likely selling price of your business performed by a Senior Analyst.

Unlike the Limited Scope Opinion of Value, which utilizes one common formula and provides a price range, The Broker’s Estimate of Price analyzes your business from several different aspects and specifically narrows down to a single price that we believe your business can sell for, given the current market conditions. While this analysis is not a certified business appraisal (and should not be used for situations that require a certified appraisal), it utilizes many of the same analytical formulas but a fraction of the price of a certified appraisal.

Once you purchase, our team will be in touch to inform you of the documentation we need from you to perform the Broker’s Estimate of Price. Once we receive the documents from you, we will have the analysis completed within 10 business days.

Certified Business Appraisals cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS more. Understand the value of your business for a much less through the Broker’s Estimate of Price!